Ready to Whittle? Let’s Talk Vaser Liposuction!

VASER Liposuction San Jose CA | Sunnyvale | Los Gatos | CampbellFor many years running, liposuction has ranked as one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures – for men and women both. Liposuction is conducted with the intent of removing unwanted fat, and replacing it with smooth, beautiful contours that elevate the patient’s overall satisfaction with his or her appearance. Whether you want to get back the body you used to love, or you want to finally create that body once and for all, liposuction may be your way to do it.

Different Types of Liposuction

Over the years, a few different techniques for removing fat have been developed. The idea is to maximize results while minimizing invasiveness. Patients of Dr. Rosenthal are treated with VASER liposuction, also known as ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Like the Smartlipo procedure that involves laser energy, ultrasound-assisted procedures are kinder to the tissues surrounding the treatment area. The sound waves that are focused into the fat cells prior to their removal mildly shakes them up, which enables them to become mixed with the tumescent fluid that is injected at the onset of the procedure. Together, these substances are easy to remove.

Advantages of Ultrasound in Liposuction

The clear advantage to the involvement of ultrasound in the liposuction procedure is that recovery is made easier when fat is liquefied before it is removed. To extract fat in liquid form means that a smaller tube, or cannula, is necessary. A smaller cannula means smaller incisions, which means more discreet scars. In many cases, the procedure is also performed with only local anesthetic. During the procedure, patients are alert but totally comfortable. Depending on the extent of work to be done, patients may discuss the benefits of general anesthesia for their procedure.

In addition to a speedier recovery, another advantage of the VASER liposuction procedure is that skin tends to retract very nicely in the weeks that follow treatment. The ultrasound-assisted liposuction procedure can also be used in fat transfer to decrease the size of one area and enhance the shape and size of another.

Liposuction has evolved! We are happy to grow along with the latest technology so that we may maximize your results. Learn more about the VASER technique. Call (408) 559-4700.