Body Contouring | Body Surgery San Jose CA | Los Gatos | CampbellCosmetic body contouring improves the over all shape and tone of the skin and body. Sagging skin and fat are removed to correct a variety of conditions caused by aging and/or child birth.

Body contouring is a combination of different surgical procedures designed to re-shape and enhance your body, eliminating excess, sagging skin and fat to improve the look and tone of your underlying tissue. Body contouring can be used to correct a variety of conditions caused by aging and child birth. Some of the different surgical techniques used in body contouring are liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, tummy tuck, and various body lifts.

Liposuction San Jose

Liposuction removes excess fat from specific areas of the body, face, and neck. In particular, it is well-suited for isolated pockets of fat that cause a disproportionate appearance and which typically do not respond to diet or exercise. Liposuction is the fourth most popular form of cosmetic surgery in the United States.

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Tummy Tuck San Jose

woman | Body contouring proceduresThe tummy tuck procedure involves removing excess fat and skin and restoring weakened muscles to create a toned appearance unachievable by diet and exercise alone. It can also help to lessen the appearance of stretch marks, and is therefore an extremely popular procedure for patients who have recently been pregnant.

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Mommy Makeover San Jose

Another popular choice for women who have recently given birth is the Mommy Makeover, composed of various cosmetic surgeries specific to the needs of the individual patient. Mommy Makeovers are designed to correct the negative aesthetic appearances associated with pregnancy.

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