Don’t Like your Double-chin? Then you will Love Kybella!

Kybella | Double Chin Treatment | San Jose CA | Los Gatos | SunnyvaleMost people appreciate the look of a beautifully sculpted jawline such as those seen on supermodels. The sad fact of the matter is that, if you didn’t win the genetic lottery, you may be one of the millions of adults whose jaw line is, well, squishy. The technical term for a double chin is submental fullness. Plastic surgeons around the world have discussed this concern with countless patients, and have treated it with liposuction. Now, thanks to the FDA approval of Kybella, this may not be necessary.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is the trade name given to the injectable solution, ATX 101, or deoxycholic acid. This molecule exists in the body naturally, aiding in the breakdown of dietary fat. During research studies, it was discovered that injections of this molecule into a localized area (a small localized area) operate under the same basic premise.

Basically, what deoxycholic acid does is disrupt the membrane of the targeted fat cell. Immediately upon treatment, the cellular membrane is destroyed. This is called lysis. When the membrane is no longer structurally viable, the contents within the fat cell are released. You could liken it to releasing air from a balloon by degrading its latex shell.

Here is an interesting note about Kybella and deoxycholic acid: it’s not really all that new. In fact, the whole idea of melting away unwanted fat started many years ago in France. The issue with early methods was that there was very little research to back up usage, and some people took matters into their own hands, mixing up a cocktail of ingredients to achieve their desired result. What they got were a host of adverse reactions.

Blazing a New Trail

Historically, consumers have been warned to avoid fat-dissolving injections, regardless of whether they were based on synthetic substances or herbal remedies. Kybella is the first injectable of its kind to gain the coveted approval of the FDA. This demonstrates the extent of clinical research that went in to the development of this product, and a high safety rating throughout multiple trials.

It is important to obtain Kybella treatment from a licensed health care provider who has been specifically trained in the administration of this solution. San Jose plastic surgeon Dr. Regina Rosenthal is familiar with Kybella, as well as the anatomical structure of the face and neck, attributes that combine to make her a trusted resource for your fat-melting needs.

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