Bring out the Best in your Appearance with Otoplasty

OtoplastyThe ears are typically an area of the body that gets very little attention. We use them daily, and even decorate them with fashionable earrings. For individuals whose ears are large or protruding, these features can be a source of embarrassment that causes or contributes to self-consciousness. Sometimes, the ears are large enough and stand out enough that they cannot be disguised, no matter how adept you become at styling your hair. In such instances, the otoplasty procedure makes perfect sense.

Dr. Regina Rosenthal is an acclaimed plastic surgeon who has served many patients in the Silicon Valley. Her training and experience are complemented by her dedication to personal care, through which a patient’s individual needs are met. Otoplasty is a procedure that Dr. Rosenthal performs on an outpatient basis, focusing on creating beautiful shaping, size, and positioning as it relates to protrusion.

What is Otoplasty?
Otoplasty is a straightforward cosmetic plastic surgery technique that resolves the issues of protruding and size of the ears. The procedure is not reserved for adults only; many children have undergone otoplasty to create an appearance that supports feelings of confidence as they grow. Important aspects of the procedure that patients need to know include:

  • Incisions. Scarring is a concern for most people considering surgery. The incision for otoplasty is placed behind the ear, where it meets the head. This technique hides the resulting scar.
  • Sensitivity. Part of the otoplasty procedure is the reshaping or removal of cartilage tissue and excess skin to create a natural, shapely appearance. Some patients experience slight sensitivity in the area after their surgery. Most often, this side effect is temporary.

Statistics demonstrate that the risks associated with otoplasty rarely occur. This procedure is, in fact, one with a very high success rate.

Contact your Campbell Plastic Surgeon about Otoplasty

If you are in the Campbell area, you are within close proximity to a highly trained plastic surgeon who can provide you with the details you need regarding otoplasty. A consultation with Dr. Rosenthal can help you feel confident about your decision to obtain treatment for oversized or protruding ears.
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