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A New Approach to Filling out the Face

Historically, the techniques used to rejuvenate the aging face have been relatively limited. Men and women who were able to address early signs of aging may have done so with peels or laser treatments. More noticeable sagging and wrinkling were usually treated with a surgical facelift. In recent years, options for facial rejuvenation have become […]

Blepharoplasty an Excellent Treatment for Men

When the eyelids lose their vitality, it is difficult to not to notice. It can be even more difficult to feel really good about your appearance. Heavy eyelids, puffiness, and sagging are not age-related problems that trouble only women. We are more frequently hearing men discuss the concerns they have with facial aging, and the […]

Age: It’s Your Business – and Ours!

Historically speaking, women have never been fond of revealing their age. In fact, women throughout the ages have been known to do everything in their power to keep their age all to themselves. We believe that your age is your own business and no one else’s. That is why we have made it our business […]

Extend the Results of your Facelift with These Tips

Millions of facelift procedures are performed on an annual basis. This procedure has historically been the best method of facial rejuvenation, capable of turning the clock back 10 to 15 years. A good facelift is one that doesn’t look like a facelift. You’ve seen them, the procedures that leave the mark of overly-tight skin. A […]

Want Results Now? Here’s How!

When we start to notice something isn’t working, we want to change it – pronto! This is human nature, and it is also evidence of the fact that we can pretty much get instant gratification in almost any area of life. Hungry? You’re minutes away from a hot meal. Bored? There are numerous ways to […]

Liposuction got you Feeling Full?

Men and women who visit Silicon Valley plastic surgeon Dr. Regina Rosenthal for liposuction do so because they want to feel slimmer; to get rid of the fullness that makes a particular body part stand out in a way they do not like. Liposuction is a wonderful method of body-contouring that has been safely performed […]

Reducing Breast Size may do more than you Think

Breast procedures continue to sit at the top of the numbers list regarding cosmetic surgery. However popular, and however much attention is given to breast augmentation, enlargement with implants, there is a lot to be said for breast reduction. Not all of the concerns women express about breast size leans toward wanting more. Many of […]

Breast Augmentation: The Age Factor

Breast augmentation procedures have continually outnumbered other popular cosmetic procedures year after year. Don’t let the popularity of this procedure fool you, though, there are still questions that are asked by a large majority of women. Namely, women ask “Am I too old to breast implants?” In some cases, the question goes the other way, […]

Not all Fat is Bad Fat

Since the humble beginnings of aesthetic medicine, a lot has happened. It seems like we hear about an innovative new device, treatment, or product every few months. Facial rejuvenating treatments are being developed at breakneck speed, and this can create more than a fair share of confusion for those who want to resolve the various […]

Beauty is Within

We all want to feel attractive. Here’s a bit of good news! Feeling attractive doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you fit into a certain size of clothing. It doesn’t even have to mean perfectly symmetrical proportions or facial features. One of the biggest indicators of inner beauty is how your skin glows. Maintaining healthy, […]

Facelift or Fillers? This is an Excellent Question!

In recent years, we have seen a surge in interest in what is often referred to as a non-surgical facelift. Wanting to improve the facial aesthetic without surgery is an understandable preference. However, there are instances in which a patient should investigate the options more thoroughly. Injectable solutions are advantageous in many cases, but they […]

Better Breasts through Exercise? Let’s Talk!

Any woman who is struggling with sagging, drooping breasts can tell you: it’s no fun. The shape and slope of a woman’s breasts may be even more crucial than size when it comes to overall satisfaction. Breasts that sag are no longer youthful in appearance, and they may affect a woman’s preference in clothing, as […]

Are Implants Necessary for Better Breasts?

Many women, at some point, look down and notice that their breasts have fallen. There are many reasons that this can happen, and most have nothing to do with how well one has taken care of herself. Any time the breasts grow larger, such as during pregnancy or if weight is gained, there is a […]

Stress could be Wrecking your Skin

Would if we could, most of us would like to eliminate the word “stress” from our vocabulary. More directly, we would like to banish the chronic stress that seems to permeate daily living in today’s busy culture. That sounds more like it. Since it would be nearly impossible for the average person to do this, […]

Otoplasty a Plastic Surgery with Lifelong Benefits

Back in 2012, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) revealed that 45% of the plastic surgeries performed on minors (under the age of 18) involved ear pinning – aka otoplasty. That statistic suggests that otoplasty is the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure for children and teens. Dr. Regina Rosenthal is an experienced […]

Bring out the Best in your Appearance with Otoplasty

The ears are typically an area of the body that gets very little attention. We use them daily, and even decorate them with fashionable earrings. For individuals whose ears are large or protruding, these features can be a source of embarrassment that causes or contributes to self-consciousness. Sometimes, the ears are large enough and stand […]

Ready to Whittle? Let’s Talk Vaser Liposuction!

For many years running, liposuction has ranked as one of the most common cosmetic plastic surgery procedures – for men and women both. Liposuction is conducted with the intent of removing unwanted fat, and replacing it with smooth, beautiful contours that elevate the patient’s overall satisfaction with his or her appearance. Whether you want to […]

Anti-Aging with Neck Lift Surgery

In this day and age of injectible wrinkle-reducers and high-tech modalities, it is easy to feel confused about the best way to handle certain concerns, such as a “turkey neck.” For patients near Campbell, CA and the office of Dr. Regina Rosenthal, this choice is facilitated with the fullest extent of information and a thorough […]

Investigating Facial Aging

Humans have been fixated on stopping time in its tracks since ancient civilizations settled on the earth. Specifically, they have sought ways to maintain youthful, attractive skin. Since the proverbial Fountain of Youth has yet to be found, we have no way to stop the aging process by taking a simple dive into the waters. […]

Jump into Spring with IPL Photo Rejuvenation

A woman never gives away her age, or at least she would like to think she doesn’t. With the innovative aesthetic treatments available today, men and women have numerous ways to maintain a more youthful appearance. One of the most prevalent of all “age indicators” is hyperpigmentation. Perhaps you have noticed a few spots on […]