Are you Believing these Myths about Cosmetic Surgery?

plastic surgeryA myth can be an entertaining bit of folklore. Stories passed down through the centuries have a certain significance even today. Where myth does not belong is in any area of health and well-being; this includes informational literature regarding cosmetic surgery. The fact of the matter is, most people obtain information online, a la Google. The problem with this is that you can’t be sure if the information being provided is entirely factual, or it may include more than a little myth. That’s to take a look at where some people go wrong:

A plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon are the same thing.

The standard search term for someone seeking treatment to improve their facial or body aesthetic is “cosmetic surgery” or “cosmetic surgeon.” What you need to know when searching for the right doctor for your expected outcome is that a cosmetic surgeon may be a physician who is a board-certified family physician, dermatologist, or other doctor who has obtained a certain degree of training in cosmetic procedures. A board-certified plastic surgeon, on the other hand, has completed several years of additional training in general and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Rosenthal is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and she has performed fellowship training and both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Cost is a major aspect of choosing a plastic surgeon.

Thanks to reality television shows such as Botched, we have the opportunity to see firsthand the importance of training, experience, and credentials and choosing a plastic surgeon.  Some patients consider price point over other important factors. This may lead them to another country for cosmetic surgery, or into an office that lacks the training necessary to achieve the optimal outcome. While price is important, it is results that trump all else.

Cosmetic care for face and body is a woman thing.

In the last 15 years alone, the myth about plastic surgery being a woman’s type of care has gradually fallen away. Today, both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments are incredibly popular among men who are interested in maintaining a competitive edge at work and in life.

Patients of Dr. Regina Rosenthal learn very quickly when they visit our Campbell aesthetic plastic surgery office that we prioritize their comfort and their desired outcome. To learn more about our rejuvenating facial and body treatments, call 408-559-4700.