Facelift or Fillers? This is an Excellent Question!

InjectablesIn recent years, we have seen a surge in interest in what is often referred to as a non-surgical facelift. Wanting to improve the facial aesthetic without surgery is an understandable preference. However, there are instances in which a patient should investigate the options more thoroughly. Injectable solutions are advantageous in many cases, but they are not without limitations. Here, we will look at the feasibility of fillers as a facelift alternative.

Injectables for a Younger Face

The first injectable product that made waves for creating smoother, younger-looking skin was Botox. This cosmetic is now accompanied by other neuromodulators, such as Dysport, and by a host of dermal fillers. Botox is often used on the upper areas of the face, including the eyes, brows, and forehead. Sometimes, it is used sparingly around the mouth. Fillers, on the other hand, are designed to plump lines and creases on the lower half of the face. These products can smooth the skin, add volume to the cheeks and lips, and decrease or eliminate, temporarily, the appearance of under eye bags and dark circles.

Knowing your Limits

The idea that fillers and injectables are an alternative to facelift surgery in every case is misguided, to say the least. There comes a point where adding volume to cheeks and hollow temples is not sufficient to make up for laxity. Furthermore, the overuse of fillers could steal the appearance of authenticity. Fortunately, this fake appearance of bloated cheeks or abnormal definition is only temporary. However, months of tissue stiffness or facial distortion is way too long for any person to have to live with. Of course, permanent fillers pose an even greater risk for long-term consequences.

Facelift surgery is performed in a meticulous manner to lift sagging tissue upward and outward just enough to restore a more youthful appearance. The jowls are tightened, and cheeks can regain their roundness. Vertical bands around the neck can also be addressed by including neck lift surgery into the facelift. If, after the lift, there is a need for volume, we are able to create that with appropriate amounts of filler product.

It used to be that facelift surgery led to overly-tight results. Patients in the San Jose area trust Dr. Rosenthal to create natural-looking results from the most suitable lifting and filling techniques. For more information on facelift surgery or fillers, call (408) 559-4700.