Countdown to a Beautiful New Year

FaceliftThe new year is just around the corner. Are you ready? The upside to every new year is that it feels like a fresh start. The downside is that we may wish we didn’t look we had another year under our belt. If you don’t want to “look your age,” you don’t have to! Here, we’ll count down the top 3 ways you can head into the new year looking like a younger version of yourself.

#3 – Facelift
Seeing that we are so close to the new year, we’d have to say that getting a facelift now will have you looking your best shortly after you make all those resolutions. Facelift surgery doesn’t necessarily have to involve everything from the forehead to the jowls; we tailor this procedure to meet your desired outcome. Some patients choose an upper facelift to erase worry lines and open up the eyes. Plan for a few weeks of recovery if you choose this rejuvenating procedure.

#2 – Botox
If you haven’t experienced the magic of Botox, there is no time like the present! A large majority of patients who see their trusted physician opt for this non-surgical technique for facial rejuvenation. Botox has been studied extensively, and has been proven an effective anti-ager. A single treatment can raise the brows, which makes you appear friendlier and more alert. Botox can also reduce crow’s feet and lines on the forehead, both horizontal and those vertical lines that make you look angry. Muscles relax gradually over about a week’s time, so plan that far in advance of a special occasion.

#1 – Fillers
There is quite a bit that can be accomplished with various dermal filler products, from plumping the lips to smoothing lines. One of the most requested filler services is the treatment of under eye bags. The beauty of this approach to anti-aging is that fillers immediately fill out the skin. This enables us to create the exact look we want in one session.

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