Why the Bandwagon may not be for You

cosmetic surgery services As we watch trends come and go, most of us jump on the proverbial bandwagon at some point in time. It may be the way we wear our hair – or try to. It could be the clothing we choose or the car we drive or even the music that plays in our ears. The bandwagon is a place we are told we want to be. It is the vehicle of trends, and it has a great deal of power over our choices.

In many instances, trend watching and following are harmless – even fun. However, there are boundaries that each person may want to create for him or herself. Women, in particular, are fed information through magazines, commercials, and just about every other form of media that tells them what it means to be beautiful. Trends set by who knows who dictate the image of beauty. But if you look back over the decades of the past 100 or so years, you see that societies view of beauty consistently changes!

  • Illustrator Charles Gibson created what is referred to as The Gibson Girl. This woman, whom every woman wanted to be, had highly accentuated curves that could not come from mother nature. They came from tightly-laced corsets (the waist trainer of the day).
  • Flapper fashion could care less about the curves of the woman, so the average 1920s woman was told that beauty meant being thin and straight.
  • Wartime women of the 1940s looked more commanding – like a sexy female officer – with broad shoulders and angular physical features. The natural form was hidden beneath pointed brassieres that gave a woman a more industrial appearance than feminine.
  • From the tall, angular woman of the 1940s, the 1960s view of beauty was a woman who was small and straight. Petite models like Twiggy were the role model of the day.

We have cycled through several of these body types through the years, and back again. After 2010, society once again began telling women that beauty means curves. Specifically, the backside curve. In the past several years, the Brazilian Butt Lift has become one of the leading procedures.

The bandwagon has a purpose, and it’s not to help you bring out the woman you imagine when you think about yourself. There is a role for cosmetic treatments in a woman’s life (or a man’s). In our office, that role is to align a person’s outward appearance with their image of themselves. When this is accomplished, we see a significant boost in general happiness and confidence.

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