Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Campbell, CA

When Your Eyes Need a Little Help, We’ve Got You Covered

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Campbell, CAYou see your eyes every time you look in the mirror. If the subtle signs of aging have progressed into more significant concerns, what a lot of people do is look away, literally. They may try to look at their hair, or their lips or their teeth or their nose . . . anything but their eyes. The thing is, if something concerning, like puffiness and sagging, has developed, you know. Right? Looking away from a concern doesn’t make it go away. What makes it go away is appropriate care from your experienced cosmetic surgeon.

In our office near San Jose, we have several ways to rejuvenate the eyes. While surgery is one approach, there are others that should not be discounted. Let’s look more closely.

Eyelid Hooding

Every person has a unique structure to their upper eyelid. Some people have lids that are naturally hooded thanks to family genetics. Sometimes, hooding occurs over time as the delicate tissue on the upper eyelid breaks down, causing laxity. Finally, it is possible that a strong downward pull on the eyebrows could be the real problem. The issue with hooding is that it can make the eyes look tired or unfriendly. Our solution: It is necessary to determine where eyelid heaviness originates. When it is the brow, a surgical lift may be in order. BOTOX is another option in some cases. If hooding is due to laxity in the upper eyelid, excess tissue may need to be removed via blepharoplasty.

Eyelid Bagging

The upper eyelids tend to get saggy, whereas the lower eyelids get baggy. They are two different problems but each may relate to tissue degradation. In the lower lids, the breakdown of tissue firmness means that underlying fat can bulge outward. Our solution: There are two objectives in treating lower eyelids. One is to accommodate preferences as much as possible. The other is to get the best results. Bags may be significantly reduced or eliminated with blepharoplasty. In many instances, we may also choose to disguise undereye bags by decreasing the crease in the skin beneath bags using dermal fillers.

Our experience affords us the insight into what concerns our patients. It also enables us to personalize solutions to meet their needs. For more information, call (408) 559-4700.