What Breast Lift Surgery Really Achieves

Breast Lift Mastopexy San Jose CABreast surgery conversations revolve around adding volume. In some cases, this is the best way to enhance the contours of the breasts. However, sometimes, nothing needs to be added to make the breasts more perky and attractive. Here, we want to turn our attention to mastopexy and discuss some of the particulars about what can be achieved by lifting the breasts.

Indications for Breast Lift Surgery

Many, many women may develop an interest in breast lift surgery in time. There is no way to bypass the structural changes that occur with age, pregnancy, hormone shifts, and weight fluctuation. No way. Harboring concerns and dissatisfaction is no way to live out your adult life. Instead of hiding sagging breasts within a good support bra, consider the improvements that can be achieved with breast lift surgery.


We don’t often think about the position of breast tissue on the chest wall as an important factor in a woman’s physique. Instead, we consider volume the end-all-be-all. That’s not the case. The position is integral to everything about the breasts. The higher-up position that is present during youth lends to perkiness, and it enhances the gentle firmness of the breasts. Breast lift surgery restores this elevated position by tightening the tissues that support the breasts.


Changing the position of the breasts means to also change their shape. This is because, when we tighten the supportive tissue around the breasts, some of the volumes that have migrated downward appears higher as a result of better cradling of the breasts inside the envelope of surrounding tissue. This adds voluptuousness without actually adding volume like breast implants do.


The nipples are a minute part of the breasts that we don’t often talk about. However, some women suffer lowered satisfaction with their body when breast changes cause the nipples to change their direction. During the breast lift procedure, Dr. Rosenthal may reposition the areolae and nipples to point outward instead of downward.

It is inevitable that the breasts will go through their metamorphosis as the body changes with age and other factors. Breast lift surgery may be the solution you need to align your outward appearance with your inner image of yourself. Call our Campbell office for more information.