Because we Don’t Have Floating Heads

Face + Neck Lift San Jose CAThere is an area that resides below the chin and above the breasts. We call it the décolletage, or the décolleté. This is a forgotten land of tissue that is often ignored as the signs of aging begin to make their mark on the face. We mustn’t do this. Essentially, the décolleté is the frame for the face, as well as for the bust. It is an area that, unless you are a fan of turtlenecks a la Diane Keaton, is pretty impossible to hide.

We’ve learned over time how vital it is that we pamper the skin on our face. We are learning that our hands also need TLC if we are to avoid them prematurely aging us. Now, we’ve got to develop the same mindset about this area that includes the cleavage, the collarbone, the shoulders, and all the territory in between. To neglect this area could be a big mistake. To care for facial skin and the breasts (which is what a lot of women do) means to open the space between to appear mottled and wrinkled, marred by severe sun damage.

Protection and Pampering

If you have yet to notice signs of damage along with your décolleté, you’re lucky. Start preventive action now. Remember that this skin exists and that it needs attention. Treat it in the same way you do your face and neck; with mild cleansing and exfoliating action. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen to this area daily, and also treat this thin skin with nourishing ingredients; the same that you apply to your face will do. Sleep position is another factor involved in the appearance of the décolleté. Side sleepers create a position in which this skin can crinkle and wrinkle. Back-sleeping is better for the chest as well as the face.

Professional Solutions for the Décolleté

At the point where facial and neck skin becomes too lax, there is the potential for lifting procedures. The décolleté is not the same. There is no surgical lift that has been developed to help rejuvenate this area. Besides, the décolleté usually presents other signs of aging, too. This skin doesn’t just loosen and wrinkle; it becomes marked by sun spots. Therefore, it needs a major overhaul to reverse the signs of damage.

In our office near San Jose and Los Gatos, we offer some ways to pamper and rejuvenate aging, sun-damaged skin. Consider a laser skin resurfacing treatment, dermal fillers, or a combination of the two. Follow up the care we provide here in the office with professional-grade skincare products for daily use.

Together, we can develop a plan to keep the frame of your face youthful and vibrant. Call (408) 559-4700 to schedule your visit with us.