How Does Dysport Differ from Botox?

Injectables Campbell, CAInjectable treatments just keep coming, don’t they? First, we had Botox, and that was an enormous step forward in the field of aesthetics. After this cosmetic drug hit the open road, it didn’t take long for other injectables to join. With the influx of various wrinkle reducers and dermal fillers, the road to facial rejuvenation may seem wide open on the one hand, and backed-up with too many options on the other. Here, we want to help you take your foot off the breaks by offering a comparison of two popular products, Dysport and Botox.

Neuromodulators in Action

Botox and Dysport are both described as neuromodulators. Each is a formulation of botulinum type A, a highly diluted and highly purified form of a particular toxin. Can we just repeat, highly diluted? Initially, botulinum type A was used in clinical medicine as a method of treating muscle spasms related to certain medical disorders, as well as blepharospasm. In fact, the beauty benefits of Botox were discovered through this early clinical usage. Because Dysport has the same base ingredient, safety is perceived as the same as its predecessor.

As neuromodulators, both Botox and Dysport are used for similar corrections, such as frown lines, drooping brows, and crow’s feet. The results achieved through a single treatment can last anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. With maintenance treatments, results may last even longer.

Botox vs. Dysport: Is One Better Than The Other?

With the same mechanism of action, similar longevity of results, and similar costs, where are the differences between Botox and Dysport, and do those differences make one better than the other? These are good questions!

The immediate difference between the two products is that they are diluted differently. Because the ratio of botulinum toxin A to Sodium Chloride is lower in Dysport, some say that it takes more units of this product than Botox to get the same results. However, this is still under investigation in clinical studies.

Dysport also contains smaller-sized molecules than Botox. This can make a difference in two ways. The first is that more patients notice results more quickly with Dysport than with Botox. Second, Dysport can diffuse away from the primary injection site more easily than Botox. This can be advantageous, but also means Dysport needs to be used carefully and should be obtained only by an experienced injector who is familiar with its characteristics.

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