Otoplasty a Plastic Surgery with Lifelong Benefits

ear-surgeryBack in 2012, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) revealed that 45% of the plastic surgeries performed on minors (under the age of 18) involved ear pinning – aka otoplasty. That statistic suggests that otoplasty is the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedure for children and teens. Dr. Regina Rosenthal is an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon who understands why children benefit so greatly from this procedure prior to starting school, if they can.

Usually, by the time a child is ready to start elementary school, the development of the ears has run its course. Why would a parent consider an “elective” surgery for their child? Because, as we all know, children can be blunt – to the point of coming off as mean. When a classmate, or several, tease a child for his or her appearance, even though it is beyond their control, a great deal of embarrassment may ensue. Many people find that pinning ears that protrude can aid a child’s emotional development and minimize the risk that psychological trauma will occur from teasing.

It’s not only for Children
Although there is a common thought that ear pinning is an excellent treatment for children of all ages, we also see a large number of adults undergoing this procedure. Ears that are large or that protrude a great deal are good candidates for otoplasty. The procedure may also be sought to improve the contouring of the fleshy part of the ear, or to create better definition by shaping the surface. One of the most recent developments in the need for otoplasty is lobe repair due to body modifications that stretch the flesh.

Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure that is typically completed in three hours or less. The process involves small, discreet incisions behind the ear. The magic of ear pinning or reshaping lies in the appropriate manipulation or modification of the cartilage beneath the skin. In some cases, excess skin may also be removed.

Whether you are an adult who is ready to address protruding ears or the parent of a child who could benefit from otoplasty, we offer you the information and the support that you need to make a confident decision about care. Call (408) 559-4700 for a consultation visit.