Breast Shape and Owning Your Beauty

Breast Enhancement San Jose CAWe have come into an era where women are owning it. The rise of the collective is a beautiful change to witness. Women are lifting one another up and, along with them, lifting their families and their cities and the more extensive human family. Do you know one of the things that is at the heart of a woman’s beauty? Her ownership of it. When you feel beautiful in your own skin, it shows. Now, cosmetic surgery is not a Genie in a bottle. We cannot create something out of nothing. However, if you have an image of yourself that your body does not align with, cosmetic treatment may be your ticket to harmony.

It goes without saying that a woman’s breasts are an integral aspect of her overall body shape. A discrepancy between size and shape can throw off widespread proportions, leading to dissatisfaction and even frustration. To refine the breasts and own your beauty, consider which procedure may be right for you.

Breast Augmentation

We’ll begin with the most popular breast procedure but start by saying that breast implant surgery is not the end-all-be-all. Even when breast augmentation is the treatment of choice, more women are obtaining their desired shape with smaller, more anatomical implants. Just like the clothing you wear, your breast size and shape are a matter of your preference. If you want a boost but not too much, this procedure may be ideal for you.

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgeries have increased in recent years as women have leaned into their desire for maintaining their natural shape through conservative means. There is a misconception that breast augmentation surgery is the only way to increase the appearance of fullness. For women whose breasts have lost volume at the upper pole only to gain it at a lower point, breast lift surgery may be ideal. Through a meticulous procedure, Dr. Rosenthal repositions breast tissue in a manner that raises the height of the breasts. Improved projection and fullness are the results.

Breast Reduction

Like breast lift procedures, there has also been an increase in interest revolving around breast reduction. Refining the shape and size of exceedingly large breasts can not only improve a woman’s physical comfort, but it also alleviates the self-consciousness she may feel due to unwanted attention. Achieving symmetry between the breasts, waist, and hips can also reduce the challenge of finding clothes that fit.

Every woman (and man, for that matter) deserves to own their beauty. To learn more about how the right breast procedure can help you, call our Campbell office at 408-559-4700.