The Emotional Journey to Recovery from Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery San Jose CACosmetic surgeries are performed frequently all around the world. The popularity of procedures such as breast augmentation and facelift surgery has increased for a good reason: cosmetic enhancements and rejuvenation make us feel better about our appearance! There is no arguing that cosmetic surgery can be a positive decision. The advantages that are gained through any aesthetic procedure may not necessarily come as easily as one may think. Here, we want to discuss what the emotional journey through recovery may look like.

Week One – Why did I do this?

In the aftermath of cosmetic surgery, there is swelling, bruising, and discomfort. These common side effects, whether expected or not, can quickly lead a patient to question why they did this to themselves. Negativity and doubts have a harder time creeping in when you expect them and plan for them. The first week after surgery is primarily devoted to rest. However, during those waking hours, it helps to be in the company of a supportive friend or loved one. Enjoyable entertainment that brings a smile to your heart is also beneficial.

Weeks Two and Three – I’m not myself anymore.

Of course, every person who has cosmetic surgery knows that they are still the same deep down. What happens throughout the first month after treatment, though, is that the new appearance begins to reveal itself. When it does, there is bound to be a bit of acclimation that needs to take place. It’s important not to panic at ‘not looking like yourself’ after cosmetic surgery. To counteract potential worry, write yourself a letter before your surgery and read it to remind yourself why you decided to enhance your appearance in the first place.

Weeks 3 to 12 – So, this is the new me.

As swelling subsides more substantially and new curves and contours are increasingly visible, it is not uncommon for a patient to wonder about this new person they see in the mirror. Will these changes suit you? Rest assured, they will. Looking at old pictures helps many patients remember that they were excited about the changes they decided to make and that those changes will most definitely suit them.

Months 3 to 6 – Success!

It is after the first three to six months that the final outcome of cosmetic surgery is most noticeable. At this time, tissues have returned to a softer state and have settled into their new position. This is the most rewarding phase of recovery because it marks the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Statistics indicate that 96% of abdominoplasty patients are overjoyed with their results. Other popular procedures, such as breast augmentation and facelift surgery, share high success rates, too.

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