Fat Increase after Liposuction: Let’s Talk Possibilities

Liposuction San Jose, CAMillions of men and women have turned to liposuction to refine their body shape. This procedure has expanded in use to address multiple areas of the body, from the abdomen to the thighs to the backs of the arms and even under the chin. Liposuction is that surgery that accomplishes what every personal trainer says can’t be done: it spot-reduces fat. Does it get any better than that?

If you’ve tried to sustain your ideal body shape with diet and exercise and have grown tired of frustrating results, you may be thinking about what liposuction can do for you. If you’re like a lot of people who consider liposuction, you may also be wondering about the potential for post-treatment weight gain. Will fat grow back after liposuction? Will fat relocate due to compensation? These are important questions to ask, and we have answers.

Fat Cells: Always Misbehaving

Fat cells don’t fit the mold of the average cell in the body. In most organs and systems, cells have a shelf life. They live, they die, they are replaced. Skin cells are a prime example. Well, fat cells have never played by the same rules. Their lifespan represents their misbehaving ways. You see, the body only grows fat cells throughout childhood. By adulthood, we should see no further increase in the number of fat cells in the body. What we can see is an increase in the size of fat cells. Hence, why we can gain weight.

Bidding Farewell for Good

One of the advantages of liposuction is that this procedure targets a particular group of fat cells for permanent removal. They can’t grow back, remember? So when liposuction removes fat cells from the buttocks, midsection, or another area, that area will not increase in size unless your fat cells grow in size. Ah, the caveat!

The results of liposuction are susceptible to cause and effect, just as body shape always has been and always will be. After liposuction removes unwanted fat, it is necessary to eat well and exercise frequently to maintain results. This doesn’t mean you have to kill it in the gym three hours a day; it just means you need to take good care of your body. That’s a pretty simple task for lasting rewards.

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