Getting the Ideal Results from an Innovative Breast Implant

breast augmentationBreast implant surgery remains one of the most common procedures despite a fair amount of misguided concern. It was decades ago that silicone implants underwent (warranted) scrutiny; and this was a good thing because it led to wonderful new developments like the Ideal Breast Implant! Here are some of the reasons that Dr. Rosenthal’s patients are even more excited about reshaping their breasts.

  • One of the concerns related to implants is that they do not feel like the real thing. The use of saline and multiple “chambers” in the Ideal Implant creates a more natural sensation.
  • Because there is no silicone gel inside of the Ideal implant, the concern related to toxins being absorbed into breast tissue is greatly diminished.
  • Safety is also increased by the instantaneous presentation of rupture. Silicone implants, if they rupture, deflate slowly. For this reason, women with silicone implants are advised to have an MRI every two years. If your saline Ideal Implant ruptures, you will be alerted by noticeable deflation. This guards your overall health and also enables you to correct the problem more quickly.
  • Years of clinical testing have been conducted throughout the development of this revolutionary implant, which has been designed by a plastic surgeon.
  • The multi-layer dimensions of the Ideal Implant inhibit the folding and wrinkling that are associated with rupture or deflation, leading to greater longevity.
  • The Ideal Implant has been designed to recreate the natural look and feel of the breasts. As a result, women who choose this option find that they feel more comfortable going about their normal routine, including exercise, without worrying that they may invite unwanted rippling or rupture.
  • Warranty! In breast augmentation surgery, the idea of a warranty has been unheard of – until now. The USA-made Ideal Implant comes with a limited warranty that facilitates correction in the event of rupture or deflation.

Dr. Rosenthal is a renowned Silicon Valley plastic surgeon who insists on the best for her patients. She has elected to provide the Ideal Implant after thorough consideration of its advantages and disadvantages.

Have you wanted to change the shape of your breasts, but found yourself procrastinating due to the perceived risks of silicone implants? Explore the possibilities! Consult with Dr. Rosenthal about the Ideal Implant.