Your Mommy Makeover: After Surgery

A mommy makeover can be such an exciting experience but also one that creates some undue stress. We won’t mince words, recovery from multiple procedures can be a lot. However, the prospect is nothing to fear. As you think about having your mommy makeover, remember that thousands of women have gone before you. They have made it through their surgery and their recovery and mommy makeovers continue to be highly popular. Plus, any woman who has carried, birthed, and cared for children has it within her to recover from treatment that will help her feel like her best self. So, what can you expect after mommy makeover surgery? Here we go!

  1.      Don’t expect to remember much about your surgery day. Mommy makeovers are performed in an outpatient surgery center. Patients are given general anesthesia that will put them into a deep sedative state. The effects of anesthesia begin to wear off before you are released to a caregiver. However, they aren’t completely gone for several hours. Once you are in the car, you will probably fall asleep. Once you get home, you will likely spend the rest of the day in bed sleeping. This is acceptable and necessary.
  2.      Your back will probably hurt at some point. It may not happen on day one, but back pain is likely to develop during the first few days after surgery. This is because you will be hunched over a bit. The tightening of your abdominal muscles will prevent you from standing up completely straight. You will sleep in a reclined position but probably not flat. This temporary posture puts a bit of a strain on your low back. Fortunately, this too shall pass.
  3.      You will likely be emotional. This side effect may be similar to new motherhood for many women. The toll of surgery and effects of medication combine to create the perfect environment for heightened emotions. This is normal and it is only temporary. If you’re elated one minute and crying the next, know that it’s all part and parcel of the mommy makeover journey. Some good company may ease this effect.
  4.      Constipation is not out of the question. Prescription pain medications are commonly associated with constipation. If you tend to be a little “blocked” normally, talk with our staff about how you might prevent the onset of constipation. Often, a stool softener is all it takes to manage this side effect. Drinking plenty of clear fluids and eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables is also beneficial.
  5.      Don’t skip the meds. Regardless of constipation, it is necessary to take prescription pain medication as directed. By the end of the first week, it may be possible to switch to over-the-counter medication. However, this is not something to rush. Skipping medication can set the stage for unnecessary discomfort and stress.

Do you have more questions about the mommy makeover process? We’re happy to speak with you. Call (408) 559-4700 to schedule a visit with Dr. Rosenthal.