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Why You Might Want a Facelift After All

Cosmetic surgery and its non-invasive cosmetic counterparts have amassed quite a few followers over the years. It is no surprise to us that more than 18 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States in 2019. Of those, 10 million of them involved Botox or dermal fillers. Nearly 125,000 involved facelift surgery. As we move forward with more people transitioning to work-from-home situations, we expect to see these numbers increase. As such, it is important to discuss the differences between injectables like dermal fillers and the surgical facelift. With the full extent of information, more adults are turning to surgery to achieve their aesthetic goals. Here, we explore why. 

Injectables have Power as Well as Limitations

Injectables have continually grown in popularity and for good reason. These FDA-approved products can instantly restore volume to various areas of the face with no downtime. Adults of all ages receive dermal fillers to accomplish improvements such as plumper lips, more defined cheekbones, and smoother skin. Dermal fillers are often used to reduce the appearance of undereye bags as well as the nasolabial creases the form between the nose and the mouth. Still, it is important to understand that there are limits to dermal fillers, too. Dermal fillers cannot correct tissue laxity such as jowls and loose neck skin. Because fillers “fill” the skin, there is also a risk of creating an unnatural look. Too much dermal filler to contour the face can make a person look puffy. 

The Right Procedure For The Right Reasons

We are proponents of dermal filler treatment. We know they can achieve beautiful results. Our acknowledgment of the limitations of fillers as compared to a facelift is based on clinical proof alone. For adults who are looking for a subtle boost in the volume of their cheeks or lips or who want to smooth some lines here and there, dermal filler treatment may be ideal. For those who are frustrated at the descent of facial tissue that has caused jowls and deepening creases around the nose and mouth, fillers have little to offer. In this situation, a surgical facelift is likely to achieve the best results. This procedure repositions deep layers of tissue so the jawline and lower face contours can once again be appreciated. 

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