After Plastic Surgery, You Must Do These Things

Plastic surgery procedures continue to provide outstanding improvements in facial and body rejuvenation. Adults of all ages benefit from well-performed procedures like liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, and facial surgeries. If you’ve been considering plastic surgery to achieve your cosmetic goals, we want you to know what you must do after your procedure to help your body heal as well as it possibly can. These three actions can significantly improve your experience. 


This seems obvious. Regardless of the procedure you have done, your body will need to recover from surgery. Regardless of the procedure, surgery is a stressor. It is a type of injury from which the body must heal. Rest is the number one factor in facilitating optimal healing. Why? Because when we sleep, the body produces the chemicals that restore tissue integrity. Why do we bring up rest as a must-do when it’s obvious? Because a lot of patients struggle the most with this post-operative tip. We’ll go beyond saying “listen to your body” here and say that you may need about 10 hours of sleep a night if your norm is 8. Beyond that, your body may also ask for daily naps for a short time. 

Eat Well

For the body to regenerate during sleep, it must have the proper “tools.” The tools of physical healing include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, oxygen, protein, and fats. During your post-surgery period, refrain from eating fast-food. While you may not feel like cooking (rightfully so!), it is still important to make healthy choices. These days, food can be delivered from some of the best restaurants in any city. 

Move your Body

Rest is paramount and is the number one priority after surgery. However, mobility must also improve day by day. Moving around after surgery is not the same as moving around to lose weight or stay fit. At this time, the goal is to simply support circulation. The blood must move adequately through the recovering area of the body to deliver nutrients and oxygen. Proper blood flow, achieved with walking even short distances, also helps prevent blood clots after surgery. 

Healing after plastic surgery doesn’t take a lot. It just takes time and patients, rest, good food, and proper movement. To explore the cosmetic procedure you have been interested in, contact us at (408) 559-4700.