Thinking of a Facelift and Worried about Recovery? We’ve Got Tips!

Facelift surgery has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and is customized to achieve just the right amount of rejuvenation across the lower face. Once a person has a facelift, there is little chance they will need a follow-up procedure in their future. While there’s no stopping the hands of time, a rejuvenated face looks younger than it would, which leads to a high degree of patient satisfaction.

One of the biggest questions that our facelift patients have is what they should expect after surgery. Often, they read that they may be bruised and swollen and that they may be mildly to moderately uncomfortable due to the repositioning of tissue on the lower face. These are accurate expectations. However, rather than offer vague estimates, we want our patients to know what they need to prioritize and what they need to avoid doing.

Important Aspects of Facelift Recovery

Comfort Control

As worried as many patients are that they will be in a lot of pain after having a facelift, we see an interesting thing happen. When patients return home after their surgery, they may still be feeling some of the effects of their anesthesia. This means they won’t be at their normal pain threshold for some time. The lingering effects of anesthesia can make one feel as though they can “wait and see” how they do in terms of comfort. We encourage patients not to do this. Beginning the recommended dosing of

Rest Equals Recovery

In addition to pain management, patients who are recovering from a facelift should prioritize rest. This may look like letting someone else cook family meals for about a week. It may look like taking naps whenever it feels necessary. It may look like catching up on shows or reading books or just sitting with the eyes closed. However it feels best to rest, we want to point out that it does not look like continuing to make meals for the family or do housework or trying to exercise beyond the casual stroll. After surgery, it is important to listen to the body and not push. You can’t rush a good recovery.

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