Think you are Ready for Liposuction? Let’s Talk!

liposuctionFor more than a decade, surgical body contouring has been one of the leading procedures among men and women of all ages. Liposuction provides the most noticeable results in the least amount of time. Due to the prevalence of this procedure, it may seem a simple choice for your expectations and needs. However, there’s a lot of value in taking your time to explore what liposuction  does and what you should expect from this procedure.

Plan Well

The initial steps you take toward liposuction  are the most important. First, you must choose a cosmetic plastic surgeon with the appropriate training and expertise in the procedure of your choice. Because there are multiple methods used in body contouring today, you will also want to do your research into these different techniques. While it is possible to achieve a certain degree of fat reduction using non-surgical methods, there is nothing like liposuction to achieve substantial results. Treatment options also include certain technologies that may aid in the breakdown of fat prior to removal. Your plastic surgeon can discuss the advantages of different options during your consultation.

Prepare Well

Prior to your procedure, you will be provided with specific preoperative and postoperative instructions. It is beneficial to review the directive of your physician earlier rather than later. Optimal healing is aided by preparation for the recovery process. This may include filling prescriptions ahead of time and planning healthy meals. Another aspect of preparing for recovery is knowing what to expect from your body.

It is not uncommon for a patient to expect to see a slimmer self pretty much right after surgery. This is not an accurate depiction of what really happens. Liposuction patients should expect several weeks of swelling to stand between them and their new, sculpted self. After approximately one month, the final outcome of the surgery will begin to take shape. Ultimately, though, swelling continually diminishes over several more weeks after that first month.

In addition to swelling and some minor bruising, also expect to see some lumps and bumps here and there. These are not uncommon side effects of surgical body contouring. They are, in fact, a sign of healing. Fortunately, bumps and hardness in tissue are only temporary.

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