Are Implants Necessary for Better Breasts?

breast liftMany women, at some point, look down and notice that their breasts have fallen. There are many reasons that this can happen, and most have nothing to do with how well one has taken care of herself. Any time the breasts grow larger, such as during pregnancy or if weight is gained, there is a chance that they will eventually deflate. If you gain weight, you can lose it. As the breasts enlarge under the hormonal effects of pregnancy and the subsequent filling with milk, they are also very likely to shrink once hormones have returned to a more stable state. All the while, there is very little “bounce-back” in the skin.

Lifting the breasts can make an enormous difference in how a woman feels about her appearance. Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is very popular. This procedure may be mistaken for breast augmentation, but there is a very different intent: to take what is there and lift it so the breasts sit higher on the chest. It’s simple, and it can be life changing. However, many women wonder if they can get the results they want with mastopexy. The answer is yes, depending on what the expected results are.

A Closer Look at Breast Reshaping

When existing breast tissue is moved up to a higher position, the overall profile of the breasts is improved. In many cases, the higher position also gives the illusion of greater fullness although no volume is added. What a patient may notice after mastopexy is that shape is better, but that a slight slope remains at the upper pole of the breasts. This has to do with the natural effect of gravity on breast tissue. If the goal is to reshape the breasts from top to bottom, then breast augmentation with breast implants may be the ideal process.

Here is a simplified way of differentiating between mastopexy and breast augmentation: lifting improves what you have; augmenting gives you more to work with. Using the latest products and techniques, plastic surgeons like Dr. Rosenthal create more shapely, voluminous breasts without losing natural aesthetic.

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