That Unwanted Fat Might Prove Beneficial

There are two concerns that seem to affect nearly every person at some point. One that we frequently hear is that there is too much fat on one or more areas of the body. Fat cells like to linger in places like the thighs, buttocks, and midsection. Another widespread concern is facial aging. This can include complaints about undereye bags or dark circles, a sagging jawline, and deepening creases around the nose and mouth. In recent years, science has discovered that it is possible to address both concerns simultaneously.

Dr. Rosenthal is an experienced plastic surgeon who has served patients in Silicon Valley for many years. Her expansive training includes fat transfer techniques that quite literally take the unwanted fat a person has and utilize it to benefit another area of the body. There is no better term to describe fat transfer, aka fat injections, than genius!

What Makes Fat Injections So Appealing

There are several benefits of fat transfer. We’ll start with the obvious.

Fat Transfer gets rid of unwanted fatty deposits.

Fat cells are the magic ingredient in the fat transfer process. Since fat cells are needed, patients may choose to undergo more extensive liposuction to trim a problem area such as the buttocks or abdomen. Liposuction enables us to obtain sufficient fatty tissue to extract the most concentrated fat substance. It also leaves the patient with a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.

Fat injections look and feel natural because they are.

Dr. Rosenthal performs fat injections to correct facial aging and also to augment the breasts without relying on artificial structures. In the case of facial aging, it is volume loss that results in many of the concerns one faces, including nasolabial folds and jowls. Breasts that are small or deflated are this way because there are not enough fat cells in the area to achieve fullness. To use fat cells in either situation makes perfect sense.

Fat stays where fillers and other products degrade.

As fat injections become more well-known, more people seek this treatment as a long-term solution to facial aging. Even in light of the fact that some of the inserted fat cells will absorb, the fat transfer technique still outperforms dermal fillers and even breast implants in terms of longevity. This is because the majority of the fat that is injected into the breasts or face gains new blood supply to sustain tissue. In many cases, patients achieve permanent improvements with one fat grafting procedure. In the case of natural breast enlargement, subsequent fat transfer may be desired.

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