breast reduction

When Having Large Breasts Becomes a Problem

Breast enhancement procedures may be extremely popular but there’s actually a subset of the female population who are also thinking about having their breast size reduced. Here at our Campbell cosmetic surgery practice, breast augmentation may be one of our frequently requested cosmetic procedure but there are also women who would want to know more about our breast reduction services.

What Drives Women to Seek Breast Reduction

The following physical, emotional and social problems resulting from overly large breasts are the most common reasons of women wanting breast reduction by Dr. Rosenthal:

  • Chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain due to heavy breasts. This is quite common in women with petite frames. In some women, the pain may be more intense during menstruation.
  • Chronic skin irritation such as the appearance of rashes as both moisture and heat are trapped underneath the breasts.
  • Painful grooves may also develop in the shoulder area resulting from bra straps digging into the shoulders. This condition is known as shoulder rutting.
  • Poor posture as women with overly large breasts tend to slouch for fear of attracting unwanted attention.
  • Limited mobility.
  • Difficulties in finding well-fitting undergarments.
  • Some women report being embarrassed in public places due to being stared by at strangers. Low self-esteem may be a result.

Planning for Your Breast Reduction with Dr. Rosenthal

During your initial consultation with Dr. Rosenthal, she will asked you about your specific concerns and cosmetic goals in wanting breast reduction. A physical assessment will also be done including the degree of droop or sag of your breasts, the amount of skin elasticity, breast volume, position of the nipples, and breast symmetry.

We understand that each breast reduction surgery is unique — some women may only want a slight reduction in breast size while others want dramatic outcomes. By and large, Dr. Rosenthal will help you come up with an informed decision on breast reduction.

Dr. Rosenthal and our team of professionals are eager to ensure that your surgical experience is a successful one. We invite you to visit our office and take the first step towards a beautiful new you! Our goal is to provide our patients with a superb aesthetic surgical outcome using state-of-the-art technology while adhering to the highest safety standards.

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