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6 Reasons to Finally Schedule Your Personal Plastic Surgery Consultation Today!

In addition to choosing a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon, coming up with an informed decision is also important in achieving successful outcomes in plastic surgery. Every so often, an online search is one of the initial steps in helping you come up with such decision.

Although online information on plastic surgery is abundant, a personal consultation here at our Campbell plastic surgery practice should also be in order before moving forward with your plastic surgery decisions. We list down the reasons below!

  • A personal consultation is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss your personal cosmetic goals and preferences with the plastic surgeon. By doing so, a customized plastic surgery plan will be made.
  • You also get to meet the plastic surgeon and his or her team in person. During the consultation, you’ll learn more about the practice’s philosophy and communication style. Is the plastic surgeon an excellent listener and an articulate communicator? In addition, a one-on-one consultation will give you the chance to find out about the surgeon’s credentials and experience in the specific procedure you’re interested.
  • You will learn about other options during discussions with a plastic surgeon. Many patients come in for the first time at our practice with a certain procedure in mind. However, after a thorough discussion of their goals, preferences, and possible alternatives, they end up choosing a procedure or treatment that they haven’t considered before because it offers better results for a lower cost or it employs newer techniques.
  • A personal consultation will also give you the chance to review before-and-after photographs. Although online galleries may be present, there are some past patients who only allow for their photographs to be reviewed offline.
  • A face-to-face interaction with a plastic surgeon is an opportunity to ask as many questions as you can. Here at our practice, no question is too irrelevant. We recommend coming up with a list of possible questions before you schedule an appointment with us.
  • Lastly, a personal consultation will provide you with an opportunity to learn about your specific financing options and the possible overall costs of the surgery/treatment of your choice.

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