Are you Ready for a Breast Augmentation Consultation?

Breast Augmentation San Jose CABreast augmentation procedures lead in the polls of popularity and have for quite a few years. Due to the sheer volume of procedures and information about breast augmentation surgery, you might imagine there are very few questions to ponder before your consultation. What we tend to find is that women have more questions about which breast implants may be right for them than even they thought before they came into the office.

The nuances of breast augmentation surgery have evolved quite a bit over time. We don’t just pull out a saline and silicone implant and say “choose” (can you even imagine?). A breast augmentation consultation provides patients with the opportunity to further explore options in size, shape, texture and even form so that she can choose exactly what suits her best. This may feel complicated when you consider how the initial idea of breast augmentation usually goes . . .

There are a few common mistakes that women make when considering breast augmentation. One is to ask a friend about the size of her implants. It’s easy to turn to friends whom we know have undergone the procedure we would like. Next, to that, women often turn to images of other women to observe the size of breasts they may want for themselves. Each of these approaches can lead to one thing: getting caught in the pit of The Cup.

Cup size is only valuable when you are buying a bra. When we are enhancing the breasts, the process is much more refined.

The Consultation: What to Expect

An important aspect of the breast augmentation consultation is to observe your breasts. This may feel intimidating, but understand that observation is something we do all the time. It is integral to the outcome because seeing your current shape and volume enables us to properly advise you on the details of your implant choices. Also during your consultation, it is beneficial to think carefully about your expectations and discern what breast enlargement can achieve for your body.

With help from your trusted cosmetic surgeon, breast augmentation can achieve gorgeous results. For more information, call our San Jose area office at (408) 559-4700.