Why Hitting the Gym May Not Resolve Gynecomastia

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) Campbell, CA Generally speaking, most men appreciate a full chest. Except when they are looking in the mirror. A man may not have ultra-high standards regarding having a rock-hard chest. However, to have man boobs? This is a problem. The technical terminology for breast growth in men is gynecomastia. We like this term. It’s much more respectful of a man’s dignity. It can also minimize the idea that excess breast tissue means extra fat.

One of the most prevalent and longstanding ideas about male breasts is that the problem stems from being overweight. There is a classification of gynecomastia related to obesity, pseudogynecomastia. When a man’s breast tissue develops alongside excessive amounts of fat across the entire body, there may be a chance of reducing breast size with weight loss. This is the only time, though, when hitting the gym makes sense. However, know that losing weight still doesn’t always do the trick.

Behind a great many cases of gynecomastia is a hormonal imbalance. Sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen exist in both males and females. When the scales of balance tip to the estrogen side, the glandular tissue behind the nipples can swell. So, a man may not have a full rack, but he may struggle with confidence due to puffy nipples that do not go away no matter how many chest exercises he performs.

To believe that exercise should resolve male breasts is dangerous. Most cases of gynecomastia are not physically detrimental. Man boobs don’t mean breast cancer (though this should be ruled out). The presence of puffiness or feminine breasts, though, usually has an enormous impact on a man’s well-being. The embarrassment that most affected men feel about their physique ranges, and can be staggering. A man may isolate himself or may suffer anxiety or full-blown panic attacks associated with the emotional toll of gynecomastia.

Dr. Rosenthal is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who knows how to treat gynecomastia quickly and successfully. Male breast reduction may involve liposuction through small incisions, or it may need to include excision techniques to remove glandular tissue.

A good workout should produce the desired result. Don’t let excess breast tissue stand between you and your best self. Learn more about male breast reduction when you visit our office near San Jose. To schedule your consultation, call (408) 559-4700.