Young Woman With Glass Of Fresh Water.

Here’s Why Plastic Surgery is In Demand

Young Woman With Glass Of Fresh Water.When we began understanding the gravity of the COVID-19 pandemic about halfway through 2020, the future of the beauty industry and, in particular, plastic surgery, looked relatively bleak. It was difficult to imagine, at that time, that people would care as much about appearance when there were much bigger matters at hand. Ultimately, no one could predict the plastic surgery boom that ended up happening and is ongoing still. With plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures up all around the world, we can’t help but ponder why. Here, we discuss three of the major contributing factors.


This may be a no-brainer at this point. We spent the greater part of the last 18 months covered up when in public. With more than half of the face covered, we were given a closer look at the forehead and eye areas. Many people didn’t love what they saw. What they saw were worry lines, frown lines, hooded eyelids, undereye bags, and fine lines. None of these characteristics scream youthful vibrancy, so millions of people sought correction. Still today, as we are finding our way out from behind our masks, interest in eye rejuvenation continues to soar. An interesting rise in lip fillers also occurred in the last year. It is presumed that people felt more comfortable getting lip enhancement because they could hide the temporary swelling and bruising from this treatment more easily.

Time Out of the Office

In our years serving plastic surgery patients, we’ve seen two primary obstacles time and time again. One is cost and the other is time off work. In fact, it is more challenging for patients to arrange time off than to navigate how to pay for their procedures. Common treatments like a tummy tuck can require three or more weeks out of the office. A facelift can take two full weeks to heal from noticeable bruising and swelling. This forces people to use vacation time plus, in some cases, unpaid leave to schedule a procedure they’d like to have. Seeing that the work-from-home trend is continuing across many sectors, plastic surgery procedures are now more accessible. Patients have the flexibility in their schedules to work a few hours a day, and also to do so in a way that keeps them out of the limelight where their surgical side effects aren’t seen.

The Zoom Effect

Working from home, employees stay connected through Zoom or other video platforms. This has been beneficial at maintaining workflow but has proven a challenge in the area of self-satisfaction. Let’s face it, it is nearly impossible to video chat with others without also noticing how we look. The Zoom Effect happens when we notice concerns like drooping jowls, flat cheeks, a downturned mouth, and a double chin or loose neck skin. The last two concerns might be improved simply by raising the angle of the computer screen. However, many people are taking their concerns to a plastic surgeon for BOTOX, dermal fillers, and face or neck lift treatment.

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