Got Youthful Face But Aging Neck?

The face has always been the focal point of anti-aging treatments, at the expense of the skin on the neck and chest areas. Because of that neglect, many women find themselves with a sagging jaw line, leathery neck skin, and unsightly neck bands. If the initial signs are left untreated, neck-aging issues can further progress to the dreaded turkey wattle.

The neck lift solution

Whether it’s genetics, your current lifestyle, or a combination of both that’s causing your neck to sag and wrinkle, a neck lift can be your saving grace. Generally, a standard neck lift procedure will remove excess skin beneath the jaw line and on the neck area. It may also involve tightening or adjusting the weak neck muscles. Liposuction may be done in conjunction with a neck lift if excess neck fat is also a concern.

Neck lift candidacy

Aside from your aging issues with your neck, you should be in excellent physical health before a neck lift procedure. During your initial consultation with Dr. Rosenthal, we need to present your health history including past medications and supplements, previous or existing allergies, and whether or not you’re planning to conceive soon.

Skin tightening treatments are an alternative if you do not want to opt for the surgical route in improving the overall appearance of your neck and chest. During your personal consultation with Dr. Rosenthal, the best course of action will be assessed and evaluated based on your current issues, preferences, and aesthetic goals.

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