Tummy Tuck – The Surest Way to a Flat Midsection

shutterstock25049146-300x2951Everyone wants a flat, tight, well-toned stomach. Men aim for sculpted six-pack abs while women want to get rid of their muffin tops and love handles. Yet it’s not as simple as counting calories or running for half an hour every day. In fact, many fit, healthy individuals have well-toned muscles from head to toe except for their flabby or bulging midsections.

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is the procedure of choice for stubborn belly flab that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. The following issues respond extremely well to a tummy tuck:

  • Loose abdominal skin – This concern is common among individuals who recently experienced drastic weight loss or childbirth. Abdominal skin is overly stretched and fails to return to its original position, resulting in unsightly skin laxity.
  • Stretch marks – Like loose abdominal skin, stretch marks are a result of a sudden stretch in abdominal skin from pregnancy or an earlier heavier time.
  • Weakened abdominal muscles – In some cases, a protruding stomach is not a result of excess fat but weak abdominal muscles. This condition is also known as diastasis recti and may be a result of weight gain in the midsection, expansion of the uterus during pregnancy, or poor posture.

Planning for your tummy tuck

A personal consultation with Dr. Rosenthal is your first step to getting rid of your flabby abdomen. Make sure to ask questions and take notes during the consultation. Dr. Rosenthal will also make recommendations based on her assessment and your personal goals. Call us all 408.559.4700 to schedule an appointment. You can also opt to fill out our contact form.