Which Way to a Sculpted Chin?

There are several ways in which the face changes with age. For many people, it is the visibility of submental fullness that troubles them the most. While we give a lot of attention to lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, the double-chin often gets forgotten, except by those who wish they could forget about this problem.

A double-chin creates several problems. The visibility of fatty tissue under the chin could make the face or neck appear fat, in general. This could create an illusion that a person is overweight when they are not. Excess tissue around the upper neck can be uncomfortable for individuals who wear button-up shirts. Having no way to hide the appearance of the double-chin, many people who consult with us state that their confidence is not what they wish it were. Submental fullness may be a natural phenomenon, but it’s not one you have to live with. Here, we discuss various ways in which your double-chin can become a thing of the past.

Nonsurgical Double-Chin Treatment

Many men and women who would rather not have a double chin would also rather not have surgery. We can understand the appeal of non-surgical treatments and appreciate the fact that this option is now available. Kybella is the first injectable remedy to gain FDA-approval for the treatment of submental fullness. Treatment may require just one round of injections into the uppermost region of the neck, or it may require three or more. A thorough consultation and examination allow us to estimate the number of treatments each patient may need. The clear advantage to Kybella injections is that treatment is convenient and does not carry any degree of surgical risk. While there is no downtime to recover from Kybella, patients should expect noticeable swelling after treatment as fat cells expand with the absorption of deoxycholic acid.

Surgical Treatment for a Double-Chin

Before the development of Kybella, the only way to remove fat from the body was with surgery. Still today, there are beneficial aspects to surgery for submental fullness. The first surgical treatment option to consider is liposuction. Neck liposuction can target a large number of fat cells in a short procedure after which a few days of recovery is needed. Like Kybella, the results of neck liposuction can be permanent with healthy lifestyle choices.

Neck liposuction is advantageous because results appear within weeks rather than months. However, there is something that neither Kybella nor neck liposuction can do, and that is tighten the skin. Some patients who desire a more refined and sculpted chin will achieve the best outcome by incorporating a neck lift into their treatment plan. Neck liposuction and a neck lift may make an ideal pair for patients whose tissue is excessively loose and saggy. After about two weeks of recovery, the results of a neck lift last indefinitely, affected only by the natural aging process.

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