Step Up Your Skincare Plan with Chemical Peels!

Life is certainly more fun when you’re spending time outdoors, whether at the beach, on the slopes, or in the forest. Yet long hours under the sun can result in uneven skin tone, as well as the appearance of unsightly brown spots and blotchy patches of brown to grey in your skin. Good thing chemical peels can help!

How chemical peels work

Generally, a certain chemical agent is applied to the skin to exfoliate superficial skin layers and stimulate collagen production at the same time. Collagen is an essential component to having firm, naturally youthful skin.

There are different types of chemical peels, ranging from light and mild types to the deep peels that require sedation before treatment. The deeper the peel, the longer the downtime following treatment.

It is important to note that a chemical peel cannot address all types of cosmetic concerns. In fact, a chemical peel will not remedy large pores, keloid scars, and skin laxity issues. Apart from improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin, chemical peels can also reduce the appearance of very fine lines around the eyes and mouth area.

Like all types of cosmetic treatments, finding an experienced and reliable chemical peel provider is the best way to obtain desired outcomes and lower your chances of complications at the same time. Call us all 408.559.4700 and we’ll help you find the right type of chemical peel!