Liposuction Considerations

bodyThe popularity of liposuction can be attributed to the introduction of new techniques that make the procedure safer, less invasive, and more comfortable. In addition, many of our clients seek liposuction because it is effective in improving the appearance of almost any part of the body.

Who is it for?

Liposuction is best for individuals who have localized deposits of fat with excellent skin tone and elasticity. Liposuction can remove those deposits that have not, and will not, respond to diet and exercise.

Preparing for the procedure

To prepare for liposuction, the patient should make an effort to be at least within 10 percent of his or her ideal body weight. It is also equally important to make an effort to optimize your health — eat mostly from whole food sources, quit smoking, engage regularly in physical activities — because it will help reduce liposuction risks and maximize your liposuction results.

Which liposuction technique is best for me?

Although there is tons of helpful information online about the various available liposuction techniques, there is no substitute for an in-depth discussion with Dr. Rosenthal at our Campbell office. At our practice, liposuction is more than just removing pockets of excess fat, but instead is all about creating body contours that are naturally proportional and aesthetically pleasing.

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