Breast Lift

What You Can Do to Support Perky Breasts

Many women have a desire to enjoy perky breasts for the majority of their lifetime. Often, this desire is unconscious. We may not begin to recognize that we almost expect for our breasts to stay full and firm until they just aren’t that way anymore. Throughout the many changes a woman’s body goes through, is it even possible to keep breasts “in shape?” Maybe not to the degree they are when we’re twenty, but there are things that can support, and also degrade perky breasts.

To support breasts, do this:

  • Wear sunscreen on chest skin that is exposed. Whether you’re wearing a tank top or bathing suit, exposed chest skin will get degraded by UV exposure. Over time, the breakdown of collagen by ultraviolet light makes it hard to avoid tissue laxity.
  • Maintain a stable weight. Gaining and losing is a cycle that has a profound effect on the breasts. Because the breasts are made of fatty tissue, an increase in weight could cause breasts to inflate and become heavier. This stretches the skin and superficial tissue. A decrease in weight can then lead to breast deflation, which makes laxity more pronounced.
  • Give chest muscles some attention. Many women are apprehensive to target the pectoral muscles directly when they work out because they are concerned that toned muscles will make the breasts smaller or more masculine. There is an in-between. When the muscles are toned, fatty breast tissue has a stronger foundation on which to sit higher.
  • Wear the right bra. Breasts could use support, especially when larger or heavier. However, it is necessary to find the middle ground that works for you. Bras that severely lift the breasts are believed to prevent the chest muscles from doing their part to support breast tissue. If you’re coupling a push-up with no push-ups in the gym, you may be inadvertently encouraging breast sag.
  • Get help. Sometimes, life presents too many challenges for the body to bounce back. Pregnancy, weight, breastfeeding, and age may change the breasts permanently, but there’s still hope. If your breasts are dropping below the breast crease and you’d like to change that, contact our office to learn more about a breast lift.

Breast lift surgery can have an enormously positive impact on your life. See how. Schedule a consultation in our San Jose area office at (408) 559-4700.