Close up of young woman measuring her bust size with tape measure

Does Breast Lift Surgery Include Breast Implants?

Close up of young woman measuring her bust size with tape measureBreast lift surgery is a type of breast enhancement that corrects loose and sagging skin. The procedure restores the breast mound to a firmer, more youthful shape. Alone, this procedure can significantly improve the appearance of the breasts and it may even make them appear slightly fuller. However, there is no addition to existing volume when the breast lift is performed on its own. For this reason, some women consider adding breast augmentation with implants to their treatment plan. 

Breast Size and Breast Lift Surgery

Each breast enhancement situation is different. While some patients may feel like their breasts look fuller after their lift, some women may experience a reduction in breast size. This can equate to up to one bra-cup size depending on how much loose skin and bulk are trimmed from the area. It is important to discuss this potential with an experienced surgeon to ensure that a satisfactory outcome is reached. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery may be the ideal treatment plan for women whose breasts have become loose, deflated, and saggy. Deflation is a common problem that may respond well to breast augmentation. However, loose and saggy skin is not always filled out well-enough by implants, so a lift may be necessary. 

Ideal breast enhancement candidates are healthy and do not smoke. If you smoke but would like to have plastic surgery to improve your satisfaction with your shape, you can do so. Your surgeon will advise you to quit smoking several weeks before your procedure to reduce surgical risks and improve your recovery. Patients may receive specific pre- and post-operative advice, which they must commit to in order to be a good candidate for surgery. Some patients may need to alter certain medications or supplements. Some may need a little bit more time off work to recover than others. These details are discussed during the planning phase of treatment so there are no lingering questions about how to get the best results from breast enhancement surgery. 

Research has proven that patients who have realistic expectations about their procedures and who have a good self-image going into surgery are the happiest after surgery. We do our best to communicate with each patient what we believe a breast lift can and cannot do for them. During our consultation, patients learn if a lift alone may achieve their desired outcome or if they would benefit from the inclusion of breast implants. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure each patient approaches surgery confident and well-informed. 

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