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Breast Augmentation: Be in the Know

Woman with perfect breasts in black bra on black backgroundWomen considering breast augmentation are sometimes hesitant to ask all of their questions. Because breast augmentation is one of the leading plastic surgery procedures, there is a tendency to think one “should know all there is to know” about it. We don’t feel that way. We feel that patients who learn as much as possible about their procedure are more empowered and confident in their decisions regarding surgery. Here, we discuss some of the aspects of breast augmentation patients should know to prevent uncertainty about their journeys. 

Preparation is Key 

During the consultation for breast augmentation, patients often want to know what they can expect after surgery. This provides us with the opportunity to tell them that what they do before surgery makes a big impact on recovery. Some important steps that may need to be taken include:

  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol
  • Consume a nutritious, well-balanced diet
  • Arrange adequate help with children and pets
  • Prepare a comfortable place at home for quiet rest during recovery
  • Stop or alter dosing on certain medications or supplements

Realistic Expectations Should be Set

Before breast augmentation, a surgeon discusses what they anticipate to be the final outcome based on the details of the case. What patients should also realize is that their first glimpse at their new, shapely breasts is not indicative of that outcome. At the first post-op visit, the breasts usually look very high on the chest. They may have a great deal of upper pole fullness that makes them look rather unnatural. Breasts also look and feel firmer than would be considered normal. Fortunately, all of this changes as the tissue around the breasts relaxes and allows implants to settle into a nice, natural-looking position. With this in mind, patients can feel much less concerned with their initial changes.

Your Choice of Surgeon Matters

Breast augmentation is a leading plastic surgery procedure. That does not mean any surgeon can achieve your desired outcome. Patients seeking breast enhancement should consult with qualified, board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience performing this procedure. Patient reviews should be read, and a photo gallery viewed. Patients should not be afraid to ask questions of their surgeon to vet their training, experience, and patient-satisfaction rate. Also, the patient should feel comfortable with their surgeon’s personality and professional manner, trusting that their needs will be prioritized from the consultation visit to post-operative management. 

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