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Will a Nose Job Change my Face?

Many people express that they would like to change their nose. Clinical practice has taught the skilled plastic surgeon that when a person’s nose does not fit their face, that person has a difficult time seeing anything but the problem that is their nose. When the nose is crooked, large, humped, or simply out of balance, the entire face can be affected. On the flip side, a person considering rhinoplasty to change the size and shape of their nose may wonder if they will still look like themselves after their surgery. The short answer is yes. However, there is a caveat to that.

The Changed Nose

Rhinoplasty may be performed to improve the outward appearance of the nose or it may be necessary for structural improvement. Situations such as a deviated septum can diminish airway capacity, making it hard to breathe. Even when rhinoplasty is performed for functional purposes, the procedure can change the appearance of the nose to some degree. And in so doing, rhinoplasty can, in fact, make the face look different.

Still You, Only Different

It is interesting that a direct change to the nose can affect the entire face. The reason that this happens is that the nose is a central feature. Not only does the nose sit smack dab in the middle of all other facial features, but it is one of only two that project from the skull. This projection is what makes the face 3-dimensional and what gives it character. Additionally, the fact that the nose projects makes it the feature that brings all others together. It is this very reason why a large or disproportionate nose can be so distracting.

When the nose is changed to bring it into harmony with the rest of the face, what happens is the eye has the freedom to move. The nose is no longer the distracting middle of the face. It is part of a whole, which means that all other facial features become more noticeable than they were before surgery.

Rhinoplasty changes your nose so the rest of your face can be noticed. Are you ready? To learn more about rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation in our San Jose area office. Call

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