What to Do Before Liposuction

Body contours are not easy to come by for most of us. Even with a relatively healthy diet and regular physical movement, you may be finding it harder and harder to keep fat from sticking in certain areas. It is not uncommon for adults to struggle in this area. It’s not that they can’t get to their ideal weight; it’s that the ideal weight doesn’t necessarily make them look the way they want. This is the primary reason why liposuction is so popular. If this procedure is on your horizon, now is a great time to start preparing. Here, we offer tips on how to do that.

Stabilize Your Goal Weight

The term “ideal weight” can be a little tricky. In some ways, it’s subjective. Many people have a particular number in mind. Objectively, a person’s ideal weight is in proportion to their height. As it relates to liposuction, with a few limitations, ideal weight may be more along the lines of how you want to look. You may be 10 to 15 pounds over your suggested ideal body weight but feel happy with your appearance, minus those stubborn pockets of fat. In this instance, your stable weight may be appropriate. What you don’t want to do is schedule liposuction at a time when you are actively losing weight. Once your weight is right where you want it, liposuction comes in and smooths contours for shapely transitions from one body part to the next.

Think about Muscle Tone

This may not apply to every person who wants liposuction. Some people love the idea of focusing strengthening exercises in the area they will have treated. Doing so enhances the outcome of surgery because, once the layer of excess fat is removed, underlying muscles are more prominent. If those muscles are already defined, the body can appear even smoother and tighter than it would with liposuction alone.

Think Long-Term

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of having liposuction and the immediate gratification that will bring. At the same time, it pays to consider how you will maintain the results of your procedure. Liposuction doesn’t prevent weight gain in the future. It doesn’t stop the aging process that can elicit fat accumulation. The best way to maximize liposuction, then, is to develop lifestyle habits that work for you. A healthy diet can be tailored to fit your tastebuds. A healthy activity level can include all sorts of different exercises. It isn’t the details of what you do that matter as much as that you do something that works for you.

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