Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) San Jose & Los Gatos, CA

Resolutions You Don’t Have to Tackle Alone

In the new year, many people have established habits that will help them reach their goals. We often hear from people who have resolved to feel better about their body. What this usually means is that they are going to spend more time in the gym or on their mat or on the pavement. It means they have spent the first few weeks of the year being more mindful about what they put on their plate.

Can you relate? Are you in this mode still, or has your initial excitement tapered off already? The thing about resolutions pertaining to body-shape is that they are pretty challenging. It’s not difficult to eat well and engage in physical activity that you enjoy. What’s difficult is making changes to achieve a special goal and not seeing the desired result from your efforts. As a leading plastic surgeon in the San Jose area, Dr. Rosenthal has spent years helping people remake their bodies when diet and exercise have fallen short of their intended target.

It’s Not Your Fault

Physical fitness is not the same thing as having a great body. You may be strong and resting comfortably at a healthy weight and still not look the way you’d like. This can happen for a few reasons. First, not all fat cells are responsive. We have come to realize that there are certain parts of the body on which fat seems to “stick.” The abdomen is a common one, but fatty tissue may also live on after weight loss in areas such as the buttocks, chin or neck, arms, back, and thighs. If you’re struggling with the spot-reduction nearly every personal trainer will tell you is impossible, it may be time to consult with your plastic surgeon about liposuction.

Another reason why healthy living may not culminate in a dream body is that there is no telling what has happened to muscle tissue in areas like the midsection during life events such as pregnancy. The abdominal wall has strong musculature, but that doesn’t mean these structures cannot stretch or even separate. Weight loss can actually make the sagginess of loose muscle appear worse. To get a taut tummy, what many people need is abdominoplasty.

Dr. Rosenthal has performed thousands of plastic surgery procedures and has the extensive experience to customize body contouring procedures to each patient. Learn more about how you can make this the year your body becomes all you have imagined. Call 408-559-4700 to schedule your appointment.