Reducing Breast Size may do more than you Think

Breast ReductionBreast procedures continue to sit at the top of the numbers list regarding cosmetic surgery. However popular, and however much attention is given to breast augmentation, enlargement with implants, there is a lot to be said for breast reduction. Not all of the concerns women express about breast size leans toward wanting more. Many of the women we meet want the opposite. When the breast reduction is performed, a woman is freed of much more than a physical burden.


Our unique experience has taught us that there are some physical attributes that can rob a person of confidence. Women whose breasts are small sometimes say they feel less confident because they look like “a little girl.” Women whose breasts are large have a different problem. These women are often met with remarks that they neither want nor appreciate. Jokes, stares, sneers; they all hurt, even if you have thick skin. The confidence that a woman has after breast reduction may be expressed along the lines of “I can finally be seen for ME and not my breasts.”

Inconvenience and Frustration

Breast size can be incredibly inconvenient. Finding a bra is an easy prospect for the average body type, but not for a woman with large breasts. Without investing in expensive undergarments, a woman may not gain the support that she needs. She may suffer indentation marks from too-thin bra straps, or she may spill over no matter how hard she tries. And this is just bras we’re talking about! What about dresses, which are made for specific proportions. What about bathing suits, or tank tops?  Who would have thought that breast reduction could be the best thing you do for your wardrobe! It’s not that you will look better, necessarily, with smaller breasts, but that you will find it easier to choose to clothe based on your preferences and style rather than your body-type.

Ho-hum Health

Health and well-being are a byproduct of an active lifestyle. Breasts can – and often do – get in the way of this, quite literally. Who wants to go for a jog, to dance, or even walk briskly when breasts bounce all over the place? Because support is limited even with the average sports bra, breast size could prevent a woman from being as active and healthy as she would like. Therefore, the breast reduction could be the catalyst that gets you off the couch and into the gym, the yoga or dance studio, or onto the court.

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