What you Should be Doing Now to Restore the Glow of Sun-Kissed Skin

Skin Care Services Campbell, CA Beauty isn’t all about shapeliness or shape, at all. Often, our biggest beauty concerns are related to how our skin is aging. One of the factors that affect this journey is sun exposure, which we in the Sunshine State get a lot of, pretty much year-round. It is the sun-kissed glow that many Californian’s love and love to show off. And yet, we know that tanning degrades collagen and speeds up the aging process. Oh yes, and then there’s that issue with skin cancer.

While we may all be familiar with the steps we can take during the summer to manage glowing skin without inviting damage; we may forget that there are also ways to encourage radiance during the times of year when we may not be sitting poolside every weekend. Here, we want to point out some of the treatments that are ideally obtained during the Winter season.

  • Chemical Peels. These mild to moderate exfoliating treatments are excellent for skin rejuvenation. A chemical peel can be performed as often as monthly in its lightest form to promote the ongoing turnover and production of healthy skin cells. Stronger peels are not performed as often because they reach deeper layers of cells for removal, maximizing results.
  • Skin resurfacing. Laser skin resurfacing is a step beyond chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Maybe ten steps beyond, depending on the strength of treatment. Laser skin resurfacing may be performed with a fractionated laser handpiece, or with the CO2 laser. Because fractional laser resurfacing is a gentler process, it is appealing to more patients. CO2 resurfacing is performed with topical anesthetic due to the depth of tissue targeted. A few weeks of redness and peeling should be expected. Ultimately, though, results are most dramatic with this advanced laser treatment.
  • Skin care. There is a little secret shared by the world’s most beautiful people: they use professional grade skincare. Yes, maybe a large majority of the celebrities we love to admire are also spokespeople for over-the-counter products; but our hunch is that they do not rely solely on the cleansers and moisturizers they endorse. Skin care matters, there’s no other way to say it; and the way to promote your healthiest, youngest-looking skin is to be careful what you put on it. Active ingredients must be present, and they must be effective, which can only happen when they are more highly concentrated. We offer several medical-grade skincare products in our office near Los Gatos and are happy to help you determine which is best suited to your skin.

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