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Misconceptions about Labiaplasty

As much as interest in labiaplasty has increased, we could say that misconceptions have arisen right alongside that. Although more labiaplasty procedures are being performed today, there are many more which aren’t taking place because some women stop short after hearing one of a few myths. Here, we address what those are so you can make an informed decision about your feminine health.

Labiaplasty only provides cosmetic improvement.

It’s true that many of the women who seek labiaplasty do so because they want to feel better about the way their feminine parts look. However beneficial this procedure can be for appearance; cosmetic improvement is certainly not the only valuable aspect of labiaplasty. When the labia majora or labia minora are reduced in size and shape, a woman can feel more comfortable physically than she has in years. Smaller labia can mean no more pinching or constriction in certain types of clothing. It can mean more comfortable, more satisfying sex. It can mean overall better vaginal health.

Labiaplasty surgery hurts.

We can completely understand that, of all the parts of the body on which one may have surgery, the genital area is one of the most delicate. This area is innervated and sensitive, so how could labiaplasty not be painful? It isn’t. Patients are treated with a local anesthetic before their procedure and may also receive mild sedation to calm nerves. During the procedure itself, patients do not feel discomfort, only the sensation of pressure or tugging. After labiaplasty, patients are usually back to work within a day or two, helped along with over-the-counter pain-reducing medication.

Labiaplasty will decrease sensation.

It is also understandable that some women may fall for this misconception since labiaplasty manipulates tissue in which nerve endings are highly sensitive. After surgery, sensation may feel slightly diminished as nerve endings recover. However, the final outcome of labiaplasty is usually improved sensation and enhanced sexual pleasure.

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Labiaplasty is a procedure that is customized to each patient’s needs and desired outcome. Every woman has her own unique anatomy. Therefore, the labiaplasty procedure is anything but cookie-cutter. Dr. Rosenthal is an esteemed plastic surgeon in Silicon Valley who is routinely sought out by patients seeking delicate body work.

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