Men are Seeking their Due Reward

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) San Jose & Los GatosAesthetic medicine is far different today than it was just a few decades ago. Cosmetic surgery offices used to serve a patient population consisting primarily of women. In our office near San Jose, we consult with and treat a diverse group of men and women, all of whom are interested in feeling good as they go about their daily life. Men, in particular, are becoming more expressive of their desire to align their outward appearance with their inner confidence. There are some ways they go about this.

Breast Reduction for Men

Male breast reduction accounted for almost 30,000 of 70,000 of breast reduction procedures in the United States in 2015. This number reflects a growing interest among men and a significant milestone for cosmetic surgery. Forty-percent of breast reduction procedures were performed on men that year, and this number continues to grow.

Breast reduction is appropriate for men of all ages who would like to tone and tighten the problematic area of the chest. Many of these procedures are performed to correct genetic challenges that cause an excess of glandular and fat tissue to develop. In instances of gynecomastia, male breast reduction has an extensive and lasting positive effect on quality of life.


The liposuction procedure is often involved in male breast reduction, and men also choose this procedure to help them obtain a more sculpted physique. Liposuction is a procedure that has been refined over the years as new technologies have been developed. Dr. Rosenthal uses the ultrasonic liposuction technique to remove targeted fat cells from the abdomen, chest, arms, flanks, or another area where a man desires contouring. The implementation of ultrasound waves improves patient outcomes by liquefying fat cells before mechanical extraction with gentle suction.

Neck Lift Surgery

Men are taking advantage of the various non-surgical options available for facial rejuvenation, including a host of injectables. Turning back the clock on the face could exacerbate the signs of aging on the neck. Loose and sagging skin is not only a matter of concern due to appearance but, for men, this excess tissue may also create physical discomfort beneath a button-up shirt or tie. Neck lift surgery is an effective way to sculpt the chin and neck without much downtime.

We are pleased to serve patients in the Los Gatos and San Jose areas with the cosmetic treatments they need to look and feel their best.

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