Labiaplasty: Luxury for your Lady Parts

Labiaplasty Campbell, CAWomen are changing. They are changing the perception of what it means to be beautiful and powerful. As women have started exploring their inner world, we are seeing their personal growth translate into how individual women want to look. To be a powerful woman doesn’t mean that you just accept the way your body looks; it means you hone in on your truest desires and you make them come true. For many women, a desire for greater sensuality leads to the closer examination of their lady parts.

Vaginal health is one thing. Sexual health is another thing. And the appearance of the vaginal area is integral to both. Labiaplasty has been integral in the enhancement of many women’s lives. Here, we want to discuss what this procedure can do, what it cannot do, and what you can expect after undergoing surgery.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty could be referred to as a form of vaginal rejuvenation. It is essential to understand that this technique focuses only on the labia, the external pieces of tissue that surround the vaginal opening. Labiaplasty is an outpatient surgery performed after numbing cream and numbing injections have been applied to the labia minora and labia majora. During surgery, small incisions are made in natural folds, and excess tissue is removed to reduce the size and length of the lips.

Women undergo labiaplasty for many reasons. We perform this procedure to help women feel better in their body. The improvement could be physical, eliminating friction and pressure against oversized labia. The improvement is also often emotional, with most women regaining a higher sense of confidence and satisfaction with their lady parts.

What to Expect

Swelling and Itching

Pain medication does an excellent job of securing comfort after labiaplasty. However, patients may experience itching and swelling which last several days. These side effects are the result of incisions and do not indicate that a complication has developed. Furthermore, both swelling and itching can be managed by applying a cold compress as needed. Some patients spray on witch hazel or apply it with a cotton ball. Witch hazel is a mild toner that cools and soothes irritated skin, which may relieve itching.


Scarring is a common concern expressed by women considering labiaplasty. Incisions will result in scar tissue. However, scar tissue will only feel firm for a short time. Scars may feel somewhat hard or lumpy as sutures naturally dissolve during the first month after surgery. Over time, as the tissue heals, it softens. The final result of labiaplasty is so subtle that scars are nearly nonexistent.

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