Plastic Surgery Recovery

If Plastic Surgery is in Your Future, Prepare Your Must-Haves Now

Having plastic surgery can be a life-changing experience. You’ve put in the time to find the right plastic surgeon. You’ve educated yourself about the procedure you wish to have, and you’re asking all the right questions. These steps are what lead to a smooth recovery, which is something our patients often say they want. Here, we dive into a couple of important must-haves that could be easily bypassed.

Must-Have #1 – Help

If you’ve researched your chosen plastic surgery procedure, you have an idea of what your recovery may involve. If you’ve consulted with a plastic surgeon, you’ve probably already been told that you should call in the troops for a few days to a few weeks. If you’re like a lot of patients, you’re hesitating to do this. We understand why this is a common trend, which is why we list Help as your #1 must-have.

It’s hard to ask for help. Our society has bred us to be master do-it-yourselfers. After plastic surgery, though, trying to maintain your normal obligations would be detrimental to your healing. Why invest time and money into plastic surgery if you cannot commit to recovering well? Your first task is to acknowledge the difficulty of receiving help. Your second is to manage it; know that it is temporary. Your third is to arrange the helpers who will support you the best. Your helpers will do things like cook, walk the dog, feed the pets, take kids to school, help you to the bathroom, help you brush your teeth and hair, and make sure you take your medications on time.

Must-Have #2 – Home Remedies

You may know that your doctor will prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable after your procedure. Your prescription should be filled before the day of surgery to avoid unnecessary pain and stress. Additionally, you may benefit by purchasing a few ice packs to apply to sore or tender areas several times a day. It helps to have two so one is always ready for use. Another remedy that is beneficial after surgery is a fiber powder or magnesium citrate tablets. These are gentle remedies for constipation, a side effect that may occur due to prescription pain medication.

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