How to Look More Amazing without Looking Like You’ve Had Work Done

It is not uncommon to have plastic surgery. Over time, we’ve warmed to the idea of cosmetic enhancements and the benefits that they offer. While hundreds of thousands of surgical procedures are performed each year, and millions of nonsurgical treatments are conducted, one thing remains clear. People want the option of having work done and also don’t want to look like they‘ve had help on the beauty front. Here, we discuss how you can look and feel your best without giving away your secrets.

Find the Right Provider

It is important to find an educated, seasoned professional no matter what path you take to facial or body enhancement. If you want to address sun damage with laser treatments, you need to know the risks associated with this modality and find a provider who can work with this technology to achieve great results, not burns on the skin. If you want a natural-looking facelift or eyelid rejuvenation, you must spend time vetting the right plastic surgeon based on their credentials and history of successfully performing the procedure you want to have done.

Give It Time

Few cosmetic treatments are free of side effects. Even getting dermal fillers results in some swelling and, for some, a little bruising. To enjoy beautiful effects that don’t look at all like you’ve had work done, you may have to be patient. Depending on what you have done, swelling and other side effects will fade either within a few hours or within a few weeks.

Think Conservatively

There is a balance that must be created to avoid going too far with injectables or plastic surgery. A skilled injector or plastic surgeon helps patients find where the line is for their unique situation. In the past few years, more people have begun leaning toward goals like enhanced breasts, but smaller than was previously popular. Patients are opting for brow lifts and eyelid rejuvenation as alternatives to a full facelift, or are getting mid-facelift surgery as a minimally-invasive way to refresh the face. Where injectables are concerned, it is beneficial to approach treatment with the knowledge that you can always add more but you can’t always reverse the effects of too much.

We are here to help our patients feel like their best selves. If you would like to know more about injectables or plastic surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rosenthal at 408-840-2553.