Breast Augmentation: The Stages of Recovery

Breast augmentation is a popular plastic surgery because this procedure is known for achieving outstanding results. Women can enhance their natural shape with breast implants carefully selected for their body-type and lifestyle. As popular as breast augmentation is, deciding to undergo surgery is a big choice to make. One of the aspects of the journey to consider is recovery. We break that down here.

Days 1-5

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure that involves general anesthesia. It can take several hours for the full effects of this to wear off. For this reason, patients must arrange someone to bring them to the surgery center, wait there, and see them home after surgery. Someone should remain with the patient for the remainder of the day. They can help with getting to the bathroom, meals, hydration, and pain medication.

After the first day of recovery, anesthesia is worn off but the effects of prescription pain medication could cause grogginess. Patients cannot lift objects and cannot engage in activities beyond walking short distances. During this initial stage of recovery, rest is the first order of business. It is also vital to stay adequately hydrated to continually nourish tissues that are healing.

Days 5-7

The first week of recovery after breast augmentation is when the most significant healing occurs. By day 7, patients are much more comfortable and restored. Walking longer distances is possible and comfort may be easily managed with over-the-counter medication. Although patients tend to feel more like themselves, it is too early to resume all normal activities after only a few days of rest and recovery. This needs to remain a priority.

Weeks 1-3

By day 10, a lot of the swelling and bruising that have occurred after surgery have resolved. Discomfort may be minimal, if at all noticeable. Some patients are ready to return to work within two weeks, while others, especially those whose jobs require more strenuous physical activity, may not return to work before three weeks. Patients may walk further distances but should not resume a normal workout routine at this point.

Weeks 4-6

This is the stage of recovery at which patients can begin adding more activities into their lives. A follow-up visit with Dr. Rosenthal provides the confirmation needed to clear various types of exercise and lifting capacity.

The final results of breast augmentation may not be reached for a few months. As those results occur, patients may begin investing in their new wardrobe as they wish to accentuate their new shape.

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