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Juvederm Voluma in Campbell & San Jose

Dermal fillers provide a non-invasive method to address the signs of facial aging. These injections can fill wrinkles and creases and bring back a more youthful appearance. Juvederm Voluma is a popular dermal filler used by Dr. Rosenthal at her San Jose practice.

What is Juvederm Voluma?

Due to aging, stress, and other environmental factors, the facial skin may gradually lose its volume, resulting in sagging and the appearance of facial lines and folds. The latest product in the line of Juvederm skin care products, Voluma is a dermal filler that is specifically crafted to restore lost volume in the cheeks and other parts of the face. Voluma also provides definition to the jawline.

How does Voluma work?

Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body and provides hydration and volume to the skin, but its production diminishes as we age. When Voluma is injected under the skin, hollowed contours fill out and the jawline regains its definition.

What are the effects of Voluma?

Voluma provides balance and proportion to faces that have changed due to aging or extreme weight loss. When carefully and professionally injected, Voluma will provide a softer, more youthful, feminine appearance. This dermal filler is commonly used on the cheekbones and chin.

Who are good candidates for Voluma?

Dr. Rosenthal recommends this injectable filler to patients who have lost significant facial volume due to aging or a sudden loss of weight. Certain medical problems can also affect one’s facial symmetry resulting in droopiness and imbalance in areas of the face. During your initial consultation with Dr. Rosenthal, you will learn if you are a good candidate for Voluma.

How long do Juvederm results last?

Although individual results and the duration of the effects vary from individual to individual, Voluma lasts up to 18 months. Touch-up treatments are available for those who wish to lengthen their results.

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